2019 Disaster

Building on years of jib dominance, the completely updated Disaster is ready to slay the park like nobody’s business. It’s soft flex, low camber and 3rd Generation JIB 3BT™ with SideKick™ is the perfect mix for all types of trouble.

Base typeface by Aaron Schwartz.




144 148 151 153W 154 156W 157
contact length (cm) 106.7 109.3 111.9 114 114.5 116.6 117.1
waist width (cm) 24.4 24.6 24.8 26.6 25 26.8 25.2
setback (cm) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
sidecut radius (m) 7.4 7.5 7.6 7.7 7.7 7.8 7.8
inserts 16 16 20 20 20 20 20
stance width (cm) 50-58 52.5-60.5 53-61 54.5-62.5 54.5-62.5 55-63 55-63
weight range(kg/lbs) 45-58/100-130 50-60/110-132 53-63/116-140 55-68/121-150 57-75/125-165 60-77/128-170 65-81+/145-180+


Beginner Advanced Expert Elite


Soft Stiff


Jibs Park Freestyle All Mtn Powder


Outline Shape

Tail Twin Nose

Triple Base Shape

Tail Jib 3BT Nose

Sidebase Uplift

Tail Low Uplift

Low Uplift Nose

Camber Profile

Tail Low Camber Nose

Don't Believe us...


Been riding about a week per year for the past 6 or 7 years. I'm ok, I can get down whatever slope is put in front of me and I can do the very basics in the beginner/intermediate areas of the park without landing on my ass. Bought a disaster this season, third board I've owned. Riden traditional camber, flat and reverse camber boards in the past. First time riding TBT. First jib board. TBT This tech is ridiculous. I'll never go back. Totally catch-free ride, not great on ice but you won't notice as long as you're willing to bomb it down. Makes riding flat a lot less scary too. The Disaster The board is awesome fun but definitely stick to the park. They don't lie, it does exactly what it says on the tin, it's too soft for the piste. After 2-3 days riding with my friends on the groomers I had to switch to skis for a day (don't judge me) just to give my legs a rest. If you're planning on doing both then it might be worth bringing another all mountain board along in your bag. Next board I get will probably be a slightly stiffer version of the same thing. LOVE IT.


Somebody call "trade discriptions" this board is the opposite of Disaster!! I have a smile from ear to ear. I flicked it more times than my wifes bean and she is a nympho!!

joan alderman

Hi! I've been riding your Disaster for two seasons now. And it is, hands down, the best match for my riding ever (been riding since 1994). So, thank you for that!


I was looking forward to riding this board and it did not disappoint! I've had such a blast riding. It's light, responsive, and fun. I'm relatively new to the park game and this gave me the confidence to hit all sorts of rails, boxes, and larger jumps (not huge) that I normally hesitate to hit. I'm riding this relatively shorter than normal and haven't noticed any problem with speed or control. Loving the TBT tech too. Couldn't recommend this board higher!

Jack Gren

Been stoked on 3BT ever since I bought a Locust in 2008...which, years later, I replaced with an Undisputed. I've also owned a Riot and, currently, a GW. Looking forward to riding my new 2016 Disaster. Keep in mind that Bataleons are a bit stiffer than other brands at the same stiffness number and you can't go wrong.

Mike Brindley – Whitelines

When you first strap in to this one, you can instantly tell where its strengths lie. Pressing and spinning on a spot are as easy as it gets, and the Jib 3BT has nice wide and stable balance points at the nose and tail. As it’s at the soft end of Bataleon’s spectrum, it’s also pretty obvious what the board is not intended for. That large flat surface area and pliable flex combine to make things difficult if you’re trying to power through choppy terrain, and holding course at high speed can be an issue – so it’s definitely not an all-rounder. Nevertheless, if you take the Disaster as a jib specialist (as you should), you are unlikely to be disappointed. The price point is reasonable, hang-ups are non-existent, and trick control is handed to you on a plate.


The Bataleon Disaster is absolutely the most fun I have had on a snowboard to date! I highly recommend this deck to anyone!!

Edu Koa

I bought a disaster few months ago and I couldn´t be happier. It´s faster on track than I thought and It´s very light and responds to all kinds of tricks.


I got a Disaster for Christmas this year and i have been loving it ever since i HIGHLY recommend it. Very flexible and great for everything that i love to do in the park.


Bataleon disaster are cool