2019 Fun.kink

The Fun.Kink is our self proclaimed "funnest ride on Earth". It's always been a fun ride, but now thanks to the updated 3rd generation 3BT, it's even better. This could be your new favorite board.




149 151 154 157 159W 162W
contact length (cm)112 114.3 116.7 118.3 120.4 123
waist width (cm) 24.6 24.8 25.1 25.3 26.5 26.7
setback (cm) 0 0 0 0 0 0
sidecut radius (m) 7.6 7.6 7.8 7.9 8 8.1
inserts 20 20 20 20 20 20
stance width (cm) 49-5750-5851.5-59.552.5-60.553.5-61.554.5-62.5
weight range (cm) 54-70/120-15550-5851.5-59.552.5-60.553.5-61.554.5-62.5
weight range (kg/lbs) 49-68/110-150 55-73/120-160 59-77/130-170 66-85/145-185 70-88+/155-195+ 75-93+/165-205+


Beginner Advanced Expert Elite


Soft Stiff


Jibs Park Freestyle All Mtn Powder


Outline Shape

Tail 99% Twin Nose

Triple Base Shape

Tail Twin 3BT™ + SideKick™ Nose

Sidebase Uplift

Tail Medium Uplift

Medium Uplift Nose

Camber Profile

Tail Mellow Camber Nose

Don't Believe us...


Fun.Kink brought my buttering progress to a new level! I am riding all mountain for over 20 years. (One week per year on average) I wanted to improve my buttering so I bought an also great Voelkl Xbreed (hybrid) last year and I was making good progress during one week on the mountains. Now I spent a single day on my new Fun.Kink and my progress was better than in one week on the hybrid (at least 7:1 for 3BT ;)). It would have been a lot of pain from catching edges to make the same progress without 3BT! What I need to get used to is that as soon as I get on one of the edges, the turn radius is pretty small. This made my switch riding a bit worse in the beginning and made it a bit more difficult to make small corrections on cat tracks. Anyway this is a trade-off I am willing to accept and I'm sure that this is just an exercise thing. 3BT=Faster progress!!! I love it!


Just back from a week in Serre Chevaliere, where i had to hire a board due to carriage restrictions on a last minute flight deal. hired a Battalion Fun Kink through a local shop. Have been riding for over 20 years and normally ride a Burton Dragon and Libtech Pacifier. Took the 162 W for the week and was blown away with the capability of this board. Offpiste was hard, so didnt get a chance to try it, but handled the packed onpiste with ease. really liked the triple base tech. Felt really solid at speed and playfull, but was surprisingly competent once the piste hardened up towards the end of the week. will definitively be checking out your boards when i come to retiring my old boards.


I've been snowboarding 22 years now and Bataleon is the only board I'll buy simply b/c they have the best product on the market. Fun Kink is my go to stick b/c the flex and catch free ride is perfect for this 47 year old ripper.


my all boards was Bataleon. And this year my dear "Fun.Kink" is coming. #winteriscoming


I was hesitant at first but I decided to get the Fun.Kink and I have no regrets. It delivered everything I had hoped for. It's fast, flexible, and forgiving. On top of that it has tons of pop. Bataleon took fun to a whole new level.


So i got to try a Fun.Kink last year and let me say it was one of the best feeling boards ive ever rode! It could shred pretty much anything (park, groomers, backcountry booters, and even deep deep pow!) Im looking into buying a 2012 Bataleon for this year so i thought i'd get some feed back from you guys on which would be best for me. Im 125 lbs, just over 6 feet tall, and have a boot size of 10.5. I live in B.C, Canada so im looking for a board that can handle some deep pow, and will jib down the main runs, with the odd park lap through the day. Thanks guys :)


Yea boi! Finally took my Funkink out on the white stuff. Was getting greets for the board from staff and guest's before I even hit the snow! Just getting over an ankle injury but this board still felt a dream. Smooth, sharp turns, spins like a nutter without catch and the flex is sic! Day one but loving it already. Big ups from NZ Bataleon! Tu meke


Just ordered my 149 fun kink soo pumped to rip up some rails

Stu Cant

So i've been riding my brand new 154 funkink for the past couple of weeks now and what else can i say but wow! Actually I can say more... I did have a 155 evil-twin (smiley face one) which i loved and still do but the funkink with it's softer flex and blunted tip n tail is awesome! it has great pop twice the height for half the effort. more butter than an obese artery and can ride thru pretty much anythin i put in front of it. the only bad thing i can say about is at high speeds it does tend to chatter a bit but hey it's a 154 and i'm 6ft1. Bataleon, since i first rode the evil twin at a demo day at cardies in 07 you've had a customer for life and my new stick only cements that decision!! YEAH FOR IT!!!!!!!


Bataleon Snowboard Fun Kink 153cm Wow I demo-d this board over the weekend and what an amazing fun board this is for a girl. It holds edges with no wash in the back, and also allowed me to pop ollies with ease... unbelievable difference getting air on this board. I couldnt believe how easy, enjoyable and awesome this board was to ride. I own a g$u, a b@&$)(-n and a s-/:;($n. I'm seriously considering buying this board... I was searching for it online and came across this site and just had to give a great review for you guys... its the best most fun board ive ridden yet. Blown away.


i got to try out fun kink 161 last mounth and it rocks. The TBT is a super fun way of rideing . it slashes thru pow and carves like an animal super fun in the park and dont even mention riding it switch i didnt even know i could do that b 4 fun kink tnx ill be buying tbt next


Just picked up a Fun.Kink US Edition (Rocker! LOL!) and it kills it! Totally not limited only to the park as I was all over the mountain inbetween trees and all over steeps! I love this board! HUUUGE smile on my face at the end of the day! Yea for it! ... now send me some stickers please! ahha..


Went and got myself Fun kink Us edition 153. Seriously, what the heck is that witchcraft!? That thing is the best thing i have EVER ridden. It's amazing how fun that board is. Since i hurt my leg pretty bad a few weeks back i thought my season was over, snowboarding just was not fun anymore. Needless to say that your board changed it. YEAH FOR IT!


last sunday i tried for the first time my new shining fun.kink and it rocks dudes! the triple base is the best for riding, my older (other brand) boards sucks! thank you Bataleon i will never leave you! :-) smile it's snowboarding!


Hi @all, I´ve test my bataleon fun kink US Edition last week in Hoch-Ybrig and I won´t have another board it´s so amazing! The Fun kink rooooooox! I can just say I will never ride an another board! YEAH FOR IT!


Rockin the Fun Kink - US edition and it kicks ass! Best board on the market and freakin awesome!!!


Finally the dream came true, I investigated the whole year, I gathered the money and I bought the best snowboard in the world ... I love my Bataleon FUN.KINK:)...yeah for it!!!


Hello bataleon friends , I come from france , I had my first board this x mas and it" s a Bataleon fun kink 157 2010 . I love this board . We had 2 days of riding for the first time of the season 2010/2011. i didn't have the opportunity to try JIB's (i'm not a very good rider) but it was really easy to take it on hand .It" s really a funny board , very light and flexible , the shape is very good to take of the slopes .On puff it"s harder but not impossible . I'm really excited about going back !! Have a ride !! Have a smile !!


Dear Bataleon, Me again! My fun.kink is amazing!!! It's perfect in the powder and pop is super fun, thanks again!!!


i bought a funkink usa 153 last year and that got me hooked on TBT. just ordered a riot 155 today, and cant wait to have another amazing season! TBT4LIFE


TbT is the only way to sshhhhhrrreeeeeddd!! i have been riding bataleon boards they first started i think.?! first bataleon board i ever tried, was a prototype called HITURN, heavy board, but good, then i had the first enemy and the first hero board. hero was awsome, i still got it, and its awsome to ride! then i got the ewil twin, also awsomwe, had a friend who work with bataleon, so i got a little hook up, that was when i feel in love. the goliath! aaaahhhhhh maaaan, that board is the shit, funnies board ever made. i had that board for 2 years before i bought the fun.kink. fun kink and the goliath is the perfect snowboards for me, super soft, mad flex, and ofc, TBT! as long as i got that, i dont need a super good park, or tons of pow, all i need is a hill with snow, and my bataleon. keeps me so stoked on snowboarding!! YEAH FOR IT!!!!


Got my undispudit for a year now and it fucking rocks, for next year a fun kink is ordered! having fun! Life Is Short, Ride A Board!

wout-r from holland

today i got my 153 fun kink us edition 2011, i think i am the first one in holland,so yeahh for it,cant wait to ride and love it like i love my 2010 riot 159. let the season start.greetz from rotterdam

Grant Hopper

I have never ridden anything like it, my first ever board was a &#&t0n C*nd$m which apparantly doesn't catch edges, thats not the case, i sprained my wrist because it did catch a wrist, luckily the graphic started peeling and i sent it back to &#&t0n and they have me a store credit, after talking to one of Bataleon's riders Matty, he gave me a Bataleon demo, and i was blown away. I only had 2 runs on it and thats all it took to buy. I bought a Bataleon 153 Fun Kink, it is the most playful fun board I have ever ridden, you get amazing pop, you CAN'T catch an edge, its really flexible and is super light. I have never ridden a board that will actually bounce ur board off an edge. For me there is no other company in the way of boards,I love my Bataleon Fun Kink and will never ride another brand. Thanks Bataleon Yea For it! :)

Al Kingsbury

Feel like I've won a prize being one of 200 to own the batazion. Only thing that could replace my funkink. Blessed the TbT stable. Jah bless mr b


this year i bought a funkink, it was my first bataleon and it has been the best board ive ever owned! TBT has helped me improve so much this year and now its the only brand of board ill ride. gettin a riot forshure next year. TBT 4 LIFE

Johan Nilsson

Its the second season im riding the Goliath, I love it. Im getting a Fun.Kink for next season. Gah, such a long wait. You need to post some videos where someone is riding the 10/11 Fun.Kink! I want to see it in action! =)


yeah guys. bought last week the fun kink 153. its a great plesure to ride these fucking board. easy turns and bomb down the hill. thx bataleon


I'v had a 09 fun kink for a year.. And I didn't hold back on it. And I have hardly any damage. my only porblem was....... it got stolen out side the hotel =( anyway I have a new fun kink USA coming CAN'T WATE!!


been riding my funkink for 1 year now. i cant imagine riding without tbt anymore. it forgives you so many mistakes, and gives you new freedom. it also floats way better. i dont think i will ever buy a board without tbt.

Nitro NL

A frend told me about the bataleon products so i had a look at the tbt and where very interested in the concept so 2 Weeks agow i take distance from my old board. Now i have a funkink and it boards great I have more control than before. Now i go downhill with a bigsmile


my friend was demoing a arbor for 5 straight days saying he loved it and was about to make a purchase, i shook my head and said "dude, you gotta try my bataleon (funkink USA)" i switch my bindings with his and let him play around. after ONE run he hates me. not because he hates the board, but because he has to tell the arbor dudes that he changed his mind and is getting a bataleon instead. YEAH 4 IT!


My FUN KINK ROCK'S!!! 11 days till i go away =)


My Fun.Kink kicks ass


rode my fun.kink last weekend, it was awesome! my friends wanted one too after testing it


Whatttt! i just got my fun kink usa team edition! graphic is too sick and the board rides like no other. Its pushing my skills to a higher level.. TBT all dayyy

Travis Robinson

I broke my board at the end of last season. There was a rail jam i wanted to participate in and I was without a board so I used a demo board (fun kink) from a local boardshop( [BS] The Board Shop Lake geneva WI) and I absolutely loved it!! I felt more confidence with all my tricks on the fun kink after just one ride than I did after many seasons on my previous board! thanks Bataleon for the TBT!! and I just bought my own fun kink for this season and can't wait to ride it!


i just got my Fun.Kink USA 153 and i will never ride another brand of snowboards again,the fun.kink.is so poppy and amazing , Bataleon for life!!!!

Alvin (TbT convert) Kingsbury

I was advised by the dudes in Mr Chorlton's board shop in Andorra last season to get onboard(pardon the pun) of the bataleon crew's stylings. I'm like a proud father of my Fun.Kink, smug as a pop star. Never a truer word spoken about the funnist board around. Now the winter is already looking good in the pyrenees, got me seasonaires pas for Piau(France) and ready to PLAY like an Aussie seening the snow for the first time. Pure fun! Viva la TbT revolution. iYa Basta!


Can't wait to shred my new Fun.kink! I hope MS.Holle dumps enough snow on the Black Forest!


Fun.kink USA Edition is duh shizz LAVVV IT. I want some clothes to go along with it too but that's taking a lil too long to come in. Bataleon soft goods were supposed to be in 3 months ago. Even though I'm sad imma still buy those clothes =) I Love Bataleon


been riding the fun.kink 153 for a while now... the name sais it all... sooo much more fun than flat boards... it really gives you a lot more possiblities and confidence. sooo stoked about tbt

Dennis McGowen

I have been snowboarding for a long time and always wondered why snowboards were shaped like skis. I do engineering for a living and have long thought that snowboards needed a serious rethinking to progress forward and POW! Here comes Bataleon with the TBT and I almost cried with joy when I saw the design......they have fixed all of the flaws with the current day snowboard design. I bought a Goliath for me, a Goliath for my youngest son, and a Funkink for my oldest son and I can honestly say that we will never ride any other kind of board! Bataleon for life!

Ryan from nz

i rode the fun.kink tbt on a demo day that R'n'R sport were hosting, and it was my first day on it and rode it in a comp and got second, it was most deffinetly the most comfortable buttery smooth board i have ever ridden and perfect for jibbing thanxs heaps to matt taylor for sorting me out, and bataleon for making such a great board. chur, ryan

Shawn Buesgens

At the end of the 08/09 season my old capita was toast. As my board became unridable i convinced my dad to get me a new board. I made sure of it that i got a Bataleon. My new Fun.Kink 157 is a wee big for me but still it is uncomparable to anything else i have ridin. TBT is BIG. You folks are genius!

phil halt

i just came back from 5 days of riding my new fun.kink 53 in hintertux... its so epic. dont wanna ride any other board at the moment. it butters soo smoth, i havent caught an edge once. its really cool for everything. besides buttering it also worked great on bigger kickers, and stood stable at high speed... epic. tbt ftw. bataleon rules, thanks


got my fun.kink 153 for 3 months now ... it's amazing ... crazy shit ... bataleon rulez ... yeah for it


got a fun kink from last season.its the best board ive ever ridden, smooth as fuck and so uch fun;) fuck the rest, bataleon rulezzz!


Just used my new fun kink 157 for a week in Austria and.... never going back. Never ever. Bataleon for life. TBT is awesome. Bataleon basically destroys every Burton board ive had in the past like they are pretty much raining hellfire down upon all other brands. Thanks Bataleon! Send me a shirt! Love Thomas x