2019 Love Powder

The Love Powder is a true bit of magic. Effortless float off piste and superior performance on slopes make this powder board an all mountain champ.




148 153
contact length (cm)116.2 120.6
waist width (cm) 24.6 25.7
setback (cm) 0 0
sidecut radius (m) 9/8.5/89.3/8.8/8.3
inserts 20 20
stance width (cm) 48-5649-57
weight range (kg/lbs) 55-73/120-160 61-79/135-175+


Beginner Advanced Expert Elite


Soft Stiff


Jibs Park Freestyle All Mtn Powder


Outline Shape

Tail Directional tapered outline Nose

Triple Base Shape

Tail Pow 3BT™ + SideKick™ Nose

Sidebase Uplift

Tail Low Uplift

High Uplift Nose

Camber Profile

Tail Mellow Camber Nose

Don't Believe us...


Absolutly epic in the deep stuff!! Floaty and dreamy and so easily to turn on.. it feels super stable and literally don’t need to think about what my legs are doing. But on the groomed slopes it gets a little chattery when going faster and is slightly harder work to ride. (I usually ride hybrid camber) so it’s mainly personal preference in profiles whenyou’re on the slopes. I defiantly agree with one of the girls that this is defiantly aimed more experienced riders. But saying that it’s a welcome addition to my quiver and shall be remaining for when it pukes on the hill!

Leah Wiencis

I was given this board for my birthday and WOW! she the best board I have EVER RODE! The trip base core, fish shape and short tail gives you not only the best surf feeling when your plowing through deep chunky pow, but when you get pitted in some deep snow she gets out like a dream! The Love dominates through tight trees and destroys groomers with her endless edge to edge, super mellow control, and incredible feel, she's a dream to ride :) I would recommend this board to more advanced chick riders who love fresh lines, face shots, and deep powder!