2019 Magic Carpet

With the twin POW 3BT nose and tail, the Magic Carpet is the ultimate resort powder board. Going switch in powder has never been this fun. Slay the sidecountry and send it on side hits.




151 154 156 159
contact length (cm) 105 107.6 110.2 112.3
waist width (cm) 25.8 26 26.2 26.4
setback (cm) 0 0 0 0
sidecut radius (m) 7.4/6.9/7.4 7.55/7.05/7.55 7.7/7.2/7.7 7.85/7.35/7.85
inserts 24 24 24 24
stance width cm) 48-60 49-61 50-62 51-63
weight range (kg/lbs) 54-70/120-155 64-80/140-180 70-88/155-195 77-95+/170-210+


Beginner Advanced Expert Elite


Soft Stiff


Jibs Park Freestyle All Mtn Powder


Outline Shape

Tail Twin Nose

Triple Base Shape

Tail Twin Pow 3BT + SideKick Nose

Sidebase Uplift

Tail High Uplift

High Uplift Nose

Camber Profile

Tail Low Camber Nose

Carbon Placement

Tail Nose

Don't Believe us...

Alex Popov

“Smile, it’s snowboarding” - says the graphic on the board. It pretty much sums up my experience with Bataleon Magic Carpet - this board left me with a childish smile countless times this season. Didn’t expect that a twin board could float so good in deep pow with a centered stance which makes landing in powder effortless. The pow 3bt tech makes edge to edge transition so fast that it makes you think you are riding a rockered board, but the edge hold is superb, so I pretty much enjoyed riding groomers as well. The only downside of this shape/base combo is that the board feels unstable and takes some time to adjust to that ultra easy edge to edge transitions. After you get used to it it’s pure fun and magic though!


Very floaty board, very quick response times, feels like surfing in powder or slushy snow. If you like carving it can take you to another level, you can ride it at very, very high speeds without a problem, 3BT will make steering a pleasure, you can instantly feel the difference between regular board and 3BT. I would put this board on the stiffer side. After 2 years or hard riding my Magic Carpet is beat up pretty good but still rockin, I'm thinking about more softer board with 3BT.

Lil Dickey

I’ve had 7 days on the 18/19 magic carpet I drooled over this fall. The responsiveness of this board blew me away. Put it on edge and let the side cut paint a picture for you. Fast squiggle turns, nasty carves, catch free forgiveness for those oh sh** moments, and it’s flexy enough for whatever butter fun or jibs you’re throwing out. Glad I changed to Bataleon. Go go magic car port.

Renato fonte

Fun fun fun...everywhere...floats like nothing i tried before. This baby really changes your ride. On deep Snow on hard pack switch riding is now so much fun. 3bt is really a game changer!!! Congrats bataleon

Rob Schroter

As an older (54) ,less experienced snownboarder (4 th season), I took it on , to learn umongst other stuff ,to do 180's ,carving, take first steps onto buttering and follow the rest of the guys on and off the piste. This board let me do it and forgave me my years (in experience). It still takes me a few levels up everytime i try new ( foolish ;-) ) stuff. I was a Bataleon fan from the first time I had one, but I never expected a board that is fun all the way.


Awesome freestyle powder board that is very playful and buttery on piste and a lot of fun. Soft flex and eases through the soft powder without having to try to hard. The board is a little soft for the first bumpy stuff, but for everything else it put a big smile on my face. :)


Very loose "skate" feel to this board which was really nice in pow+ piste. Though it still held an edge well. I own a global warmer and this is a more mellow version on that.

Sam Oetiker
Onboard Magazine

“The Bataleon Magic Carpet was one of the most unique and fun boards that I had the pleasure of testing this year. The 3BT in the nose and tail is super pronounced and distinctive (think hull of a boat!) and it floated in powder like an absolute dream considering I was riding it pretty short. It was also super fun to ride on piste thanks to its twin-tip shape and softish flex, which made buttering around feel effortless. For a relatively soft board, it dealt with speed well and still felt stable and responsive when charging. I’d recommend this one to riders who are looking for a versatile and playful powder board that they want to have a lot of fun on.”


Took this board for my first rides in the Norwegian off-piste and was absolutely blown away. I have never ridden anything so smooth, fast, light, and effortless etc. in powder. I can see why it's is aptly named "Magic Carpet" because I was floating most of the way down. It made the entire day an unforgettable experience, and I can confidently say this is the best board I've ever owned.

Alexei Sapsford

The name of this board is apt for it. Feels super stable on pretty much any terrain. I've ridden it for 8 days now and even though I'm a tall guy (6'2"/188cm) was feeling very comfortable at 50mph+ on this board. Seems a lot lighter than some of my other boards and even with the stability, has enough flex to have some fun with. Very buttery when it needs to be. Runs wider than regular 156 boards which works well for us big footed people.

Chris Strurgess – snowfit.co.uk

This is the board that finally won me over to Bataleon. In the past I’ve found their Triple Base Technology a little loose and sketchy on ice, but the finely-tuned version on the Magic Carpet makes it a very stable and fun snowboard. The tech and shaping has been taken from last years’ Whitegold Proto, and the resulting board is floaty, super light, poppy, and begs you to mess about and try new things. Whether its in tight trees, off side hits or ripping down the piste, the Magic Carpet flies over everything

Henk van Hattem

This is the most fun I ever had on a snowboard. It makes so much sense to ride twin in pow. So fun to do 180s and butters and kick up pow every which way. super easy to land cliff jumps. Also use it in the park and its great on side hits.

Chris Cartwright

WOOOOW.... What can I say, I took this away at the end of last season to the Alps and loved every minute of it. everyone in the group had a go and everyone loved it, short so turns on a knife edge, floats like a dream in powder, runs fast and straight on the piste and even took it in the park! the board flex was really forgiving and made an outstanding playful, smile on your face ride.