2019 Omni

Sleek, fast, nimble and directional, the Omni is a smooth cruiser that can step up when challenged. An all mountain destroyer that likes fresh groomers just as much as deep pow, the Omni will not disappoint.




154 158 162 160W
contact length (cm)114.4 118121119.5
waist width (cm) 25.5 25.725.826.5
setback (mm) 30+20 30+2030+2030+20
sidecut radius (m) 8.8/8.6/8.48.9/8.7/8.59/8.8/8.69/8.8/8.6
inserts 20 +2 20 +220 +220 +2
stance width (cm)47-6348-6449.4-65.449-65
weight range (kg/lbs) 59-77/130-170 66-85/145-185 79-95+/175-210+ 79-95+/175-210+


Beginner Advanced Expert Elite


Soft Stiff


Jibs Park Freestyle All Mtn Powder


Outline Shape

Tail Directional tapered outline Nose

Triple Base Shape

Tail Freeride 3BT™ + SideKick™ Nose

Sidebase Uplift

Tail Medium Uplift

High Uplift Nose

Camber Profile

Tail Dynamic Camber Nose

Carbon Placement

Tail Nose

Don't Believe us...


This board is nuts. I got the Omni just to try something different. As it truns out, it's the funnest board I've ridden. I ride year round and this board keeps stepping up to the challenge. From powder to carving groomers, pipe to larger rails, the Omni holds its own everytime.

Alex D

I have the Omni for two years now. It's an absolute joy, a beast of a board. It loves pow, speed and carvs like a Ferrari. Never disappointed me. Nothing can slow it down. Planning for a long and happy ride along it. Love the Omni.

clayton landals

ive had my omni for4 or 5 years now. i have other boards. and tried lots of diffrent setups but i keep comeing back to the omni. this thing is a crusher. the best, funnest board ive ever rode. super agile in the dèep and resposive and playful on the runs. I cant wait to get a new one and see how the new 3bt feels. betaleon = best boards evet!!!!


Awesome board, tons of pop and a full blown charger, can and will do everything thrown at it.

Tony W

When I first started boarding I tried quite a few different (mostly rentals) boards. I just wasn't getting it but I was determined. A buddy from work suggest trying a Bataleon board. I figured if I bought it and it didn't pan out I could just resell it. I talked to the guys at the local board shop about the brand and how I wanted something that would last me a long time and they basically said because of the 3BT that it should be really easy and forgiving to start off on, and once I get good I'll be able to have some real fun with it. Hands down amazing! I'm on my second season with this baby now and I'm out riding some of my friends who taught me last year. I don't think I'll ever switch from Bataleon, they're just fuckin great!


Hallo. Kann nur gutes über dieses Board berichten. Bin das Omni 163 jetzt ca. 3 Wochen gefahren, ich war sehr viel im Powder und Abseits unterwegs, und hatte noch nie etwas geileres unter den Füßen als dieses Board. Egal ob Powder, Off Piste, oder auf der Piste Heitzen oder doch nur Carven, es geht einfach alles mit dem Teil. Bataleon macht meiner Meinung nach die geilsten Boards. Das nächste wird bestimmt wieder ein TBT Board.

Pat F

I ride mt baker about 50 to 75 days a season, the camel toe was my board of choice for powder days over a foot of fresh. I have now been riding the Omni on all of the good days and I absolutely love it. I rode it in 14" a couple weeks ago and I was completely amazed all over again, once you ride directional in deep powder its hard going back. TBT floats in powder better than a flat board with whatever camber rocker combo you please, everyone must try for themselves. Coming from l#bt@#$%s these boards are top quality. Must Recommend.

Mr. R

I have just recieved the new omni 161. so stoked, can't wait to spend 5 months in Fernie with it and my 2010/11 Airobic 151 :D TBT for life.


I'am a 49 yo beginner, this is my 2nd board. I love freeride, and the omni gives me this secure and forgiving feeling at high speed, I feel very confident with it, and it seems that I can do anything with it. the only thing is that the rear leg is working a lot for me(maybe because I'm and old thing...). Daniel FRANCE


Just got back from a beautiful 'Yeah For It!' day today. My Omni 167 just slayed the glades of Jay Peak all damn day. I jacked up my back knee a few weeks ago and had to keep my weight forward, but the Omni refused to sink. Surfing through the pow was so smooth and effortless it felt like I was in a trance. Well, until I had to snap back to reality to quickly zig and zag and then zig-zag through all of the trees. No worries though, I was edge-to-edge in no time. Even the branch that cut my face couldn't wipe the smile off of it. Untouched pow and a Bataleon Omni? It's total Zen. On Steroids. Oh, and did I mention? YEAH FOR IT!


Shredding the 59 Omni this year...gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when I think about it..Northstar wud up!!!!

Thomas van den Hoff

About two weeks before leaving for my first snowboarding holiday of last season a friend of mine showed me the TBT-clip on youtube. Stunned and impressed I started looking for stores that sold Bataleon boards. After some serious thinking (i had recently purchased a new board already) I descided to go with my gut-feeling and buy a Omni 163. In Sölden Austria I strapped on and shredded down hill like on an auto-pilot mode. Absolutely phenomenal. I've been snowboarding for 12 years now, tried several boards and this omni 163 beats all by far! In my second boarding week I took my board to the parks in Fiss, Austria and this is where difference was unmistakebly showing. Sticking jumps, getting more air all the benefits as presented in the youtube clip are absolutely true. My TBT Omni 163 is here to stay and I can't see me riding anything else than TBT from now on. Yeah for it! ;-)


Hi people! I just took my Omni for a spin what a board AWSOME! Havent seen so much reviews about my Omni so i wanted to give som positiv feedback great fucki´n board!!