2019 Surfer

When there's an ocean of pow, nothing compares to the Bataleon Surfer. Boasting a giant 3D nose and our most advanced 3D shaping to date, this board guarantees effortless float and powerful turn with astonishing edge hold on slopes.




154 159
contact length (cm) 112,3 116
waist width (cm) 26 26.4
setback (cm) 2.5 2.5
sidecut radius (m) 7.7 7.9
inserts 24 24
stance width (cm) 48.5-60.5 50-62
weight range(kg/lbs) 68-90+/150-200+ 68-90+/150-200+


Beginner Advanced Expert Elite


Soft Stiff


Jibs Park Freestyle All Mtn Powder


Outline Shape

Tail Swallow outline Nose

Triple Base Shape

Tail Pow 3BT™ + SideKick™ Nose

Sidebase Uplift

Tail Low Uplift

Maximum Uplift Nose

Camber Profile

Tail Medium Camber Nose

Carbon Placement

Tail Nose

Don't Believe us...

Logan Jax

I'm 170@68 on the 159ltd This is just as playful in the trees as it is in the steep and deep ! Super agile, floaty and buttery/playful👌 Thanks for resparking my love of boarding with this masterpiece ❤


bataleon surfer...rob a bank if you must. This shape is dope. The simple black and white colorway is understated but sleek. I won’t bore you with stories about the 3BT tech but I will share this little story...I already told you the board is dope. How dope? This may or may not have happened and signed confidentiality agreements prevent me from doing interviews but I was at my local Starbucks in the morning. Yes, of course I was carrying my new Surfer under my arm. Who was there? Jake Burton and Red Gerard! Both drinking Frappacinno’s (Jake=Matcha Green Tea; which is my choice too. Red=Vanilla Bean Creme with a Mountain Dew floater! The kid sure knows how to push product. Respect.) Anyway, they see me and my Bataleon Surfer. I nod at them like “Hey bros. You’re killin’ it at the Olympics and at Starucks drink orders.” They both act like they don’t know who I am. I’m used to that so it doesn’t upset me. What did upset me is what happened next! Jake sneaks up behind me before I can order my Sous Vide Egg Bites and pushes me down, grabs my new board, throws it to Red. Red walks right outside to the slight hill in front of the Starbucks and he throws both Frappacino’s on the grass creating the thinnest layer of delicious snow ever made. Red straps in to The Surfer and on just this short 10 meter run he has created and managed not too drink, he repeatedly does one trick after another. Hiking back up time and again. He damn near wore the board out. But it withstood the onslaught of gnarliness. All this time, Jake is still holding me down. Dude is freakishly strong. When it was over, Red kept my board. Jake looked at me when he walked out and just said, “Wait till you see OUR board next year, punk.” I don’t know if that means they are gonna try to make a Surfer board of their own. But all I know is the Bataleon Surfer is so sick that Red took mine. I’m sad about it. Get your own, just be careful when you go to Starbuck’s with it. I went home listening to Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood and then watched The Eternal Beauty of Snowboarding for the 13th time.

Quirin Pfaff

just wanted to let you know that i finally bought „the Surfer“ and this thing fucking rips! I´m so glad i bought it! Worth every penny! Its really the funnest board i´ve been on in a long time… on the first day i only rode it in pow where obviously it was fucking great but yesterday when i rode it all day starting with ice groomers of death in the morning to slush in the afternoon the board outperformed everything else i had with me. I think this is the best carving board in my entire quiver. I dont know what you did to the 3BT or sidecut or whatever but dont change a f**** thing on that board because its magic! this board really won me over for 3BT again. After the cameltoe x stewart (2nd generation) i thought 3BT is only good in pow. but the surfer totally changed my mind and yesterday i also bought the lobster sea creature cause i needed a good twin board. i hope i can ride it tomorrow and its as good and fun as the surfer.

Transworld Snowboarding

When real life gets you down, your best option is to get buried in pow, and this is the type of board you can do that with. The Surfer’s massive swallowtail and big, spooned-out nose with lifted contact points provide the perfect tool to transport you to a place where you can float through anything and away from reality.


Andrew Duthie 'Whitelines'

You’ll enjoy the shape in thick slush, but ideally the Bataleon Surfer is for the snorkel days



Sick board, loved it! Every turn you put force into the carve, it digs in and shoots you down the hill. One hell of a board. Loved every second on this board. Brutal and so much fun.



Fun and a new nice sensation!



Sweet as!! Top to Bottom power ride. Smiling like the cheshire cat!! Carved around piste and off with ease.



Knock your nuts off gnarly. Possibly the best Bataleon Ever! It smashes moguls floats over slush, pow. The 3BT is something special and totally catch free but still with edges that claw in a carve so fun in jumps too you wouldn't believe. The looks will surely make anyone want to try this sick surfer. COWABUNGAAA!!



If you close your eyes on this snowey afternoon, the surfer can take you to any perfect glassy point break.. The shape screams powder. On piste the surfer rolled into the deapest of curves and ensures serious all round fun! Pricey but it looks and ride will be worth every penny!



This board looks like one of those Flying V Guitars and got a lot of attention in the liftline. It carves like it's on rails and the shape allows you to pow through turns. It was sick in the slush and I guarantee that it's even better in the Pow!