2019 The Jam

The Jam is the board in your quiver for next level performance. This all-mountain freestyle deck is geared for experienced riders in search of a high end board to handle it all. The more power you give it, the more it gives back. Meant to be ridden fast and hard, this season's Jam features 3rd generation 3BT.




153 156 159 161W
contact length (cm)110.7 112.9 115.1 116.5
waist width (cm) 24.9 25.2 25.5 26.5
setback (mm) 0 0 0 0
sidecut radius (m) 7.8 7.9 8.1 8.2
inserts 24 24 24 24
stance width (cm) 48-6049-6149.5-61.553-65
weight range (kg/lbs) 64-80/140-180 70-88/155-195 75-93+/165-205+ 77-95+/170-210+


Beginner Advanced Expert Elite


Soft Stiff


Jibs Park Freestyle All Mtn Powder


Outline Shape

Tail 99% Twin Nose

Triple Base Shape

Tail Freestyle 3BT™ + SideKick™ Nose

Sidebase Uplift

Tail Medium Uplift

Medium Uplift Nose

Camber Profile

Tail Dynamic Camber Nose

Carbon Placement

Tail Nose

Don't Believe us...


This board is an absolute shreddin monster! it'll do dang near anything you want it too. From hitting powder to hauling down a groomer, you can't go wrong with The Jam. Sidekick gives it an awesome touch while hitting some fast carves, and the camber is insane, giving some nice pop to it. All in all The Jam is absolutely amazing!


Very smooth, forgiving edges. Great stability & easy for turning. Plus it looks great!


The Jam will do pretty much anything you want it to, and you'll be smiling the whole time. Super-Stable on the straights and really locked into the carves. It also packs a ton of pop whilst still being mellow enough to butter around on! 3BT is bread & butter, and this is THE JAM!

Aleix Gallimo

The Jam got my soul. I came from Downhill skateboarding and I was looking for the same speed feeling, for push the board on the limit of the grip, and make fast twists. But also a great board for the pow days. That's an awesome mix!


This is the 3rd revision of this board which is strapped to my feet since 4 seasons. If you like riding hard boards, who still give you the ability to do Big Jumps and a couple of Rails in the Park, then this is yours. Don't get me wrong it's still possible to do some nice butters, but you just gotta put a lot of skills to it. I am a super agressive rider, this board is a killer machine while going at the speed limit on the slopes, no flattering, no catching edges, just unlimited speed. Friends asked me many times if they could test ride the board and all were stoked with the speed. Now lets talk about the Freeriding feeling, this board is sick in pow, I've done so many redicoulus line with it and have to say it's amazing, floats well and has the speed you need to overcome some of the flats. For me this is my all mountain weapon, I would not recommend this to intermediate riders, because I think you'd do better with a bit softer board like the Goliath. One last word, I am being asked a few times why I don't ride Burton, let me say this, Bataleon gives me much better value for the money and their service is great. A previous board had issues with the base and it was replaced immediately after providing some pictures. I won't mention the TBT as you have to test for yourself, it's tough to explain the advantages. All I can say that I have much less catching edges while doing Pro Kicker lines than ever before.

sam slam

I used to have a quiver of 6 boards, tbt made all but the race board completely obsolete, the jam is a quiver of one. Now i wonder how tbt would be on a race/alpine/freecarve board would be? tbt don't make boards slower, that's for sure..

Karl Hughes

Thanks to the Whatever I board..!!!! so much so I have just bought a Jam too....now I look forward to some WOW in the POW ! Cheers Bataleon for for giving me the door to a new world of wonder.

Shaun McGuinness

I bought The Jam 2 years ago and have never looked back. It took a little while to get used to TBT but even when I have caught an edge I can regain control and don't end up head first in the pow! - awesome! I live in the French Pyrenees and we have a lot of flat sections of piste which freaked me a bit with my old board but with The Jam it's just plaon sailing:)


With the Jam you'll never catch edge!!! TBT is awesome


Demo'd the jam earlier this year finally ordered one of the last 6 of the jams. Can't wait to ride the board again! BATALEON keepbupbthe work.

Old Griz

Took my new Jam out this season to an icy week in the 3 valleys with my brother and his new aluma-cored top-end freeride deck from another 'B'rand. After a warm up couple of runs, a race was clearly on the cards. When he finally made it down, I tried not to gloat. This board is lightning, love it. If you want to pootle arround or do little pops, forget it- get something else. If you want to go huge and hoon all over the hill, get the Jam. No question.

Ricardo Camacho

I bought a THE JAM 2010 and its an awsome board... I have been to Val thorens and Les deux alps with it and for those two times i left my 650 euros L&b T@#h D!@k S!@#$s at home....:D Super cool board,fast, precise, quick and smooth turning and good edge hold:) Good job bataleon Ricardo from PORTUGAL!


I have written some text about the Bataleon the Jam and in 2 words you can say everything you need to know about the board and the TBT system.... It ROCKS! You can find the whole text over here, http://www.vout.nl/?p=16


I bought my 2011 The Jam 157 and took out to the Porte du Soleil region just last week. Rode it everywhere, and it was effortless. TBT really does work and goes from edge to edge beautifully - and no nasty catchiness at all. Best investment I've made out of all my current gear!


Just came back from Val Thorens. First time out on my new Jam 161 wide. TBT truly delivers what it promises. It's stable at high speeds and easy to change direction. If you think of buying a new board, get one of these!!! It's awesome to ride and has wicked graphics.


I am in love with an inanimate object!!! Took out my 2011 The Jam yesterday, and I will never ride another board. Took one or two runs to get used to and after that my speed and confidence were through the roof! Edge to edge is super fast and the response of the board is amazing. I bought it because it's pretty, (and it is pretty!) and now I love it because it's effing unbelivable...


i am pumped to get my first bataleon board. i ordered a 161 jam. its the first board i wil own and all this hype better be true. hoping for the best. thanks bataleon

Paul E

Just ordered the Jam and can't wait to ride it. You guys need a shop in the Reno Tahoe area though!

Paul WM

Just picked up my 2011 Jam, just love that TBT thing. I think for me this sums up the difference between TBT and flat boards. Flat boards are like cars they move on 4 points like a car. No matter how flash they are they all handle very similar and tun in the same way. TBT rides more like a motorbike the weight is in the centre and you can flick it edge to edge real quick, lead it over hard and it just bites. The Jam is so responsive the more you push it the better the ride. I find myself hitting every thing faster and harder just coz I love the pop :)


I've been riding a Jam 161W for the last two years and for the life of me can't understand why this isn't the only board available. I have season pass in the UP of MI Indian Head Mountain and use it every weekend. 180" fresh stuff this year so far. This board does it all, from jumping, woods, powder, groomed, lunch and back to jumping. Tossed it in to get waxed last week and the tech's have never seen one. Hope this changes. TBT For the long run.


Just came back from a week high up in the Alps on my Jam 164W....wooooaaaah what a board for flying down pistes stable and in control, driving the board through the turns and sailing through deep powder!! Yeah 4 it!!


TBT on my 161 Jam is great. I'm a beginner and turning is way easier. This definitely makes snowboarding more fun. Thanks Bataleon!!


Tried an Evil Twil last year. After 1 slope I knew I URGENTLY had to replace my Burton Custom with a Bataleon. It's totally amazing how much grip you have on icy slopes. Bought a Jam and it's totally awesome. I'm so much more relaxed on my board now.

Ben R

Rode my new board(the jam) for the first time yesterday in montana. It was seriously the most fun ive ever had snowboarding. At the end of the day i made both my friends try it out just so they could understand what i was raving about. They both loved it and said next time they buy boards it will be bataleon.

Danny Boy

Spent the last few days riding The Jam 164. This is a fantastic board. Does exactly what it says on the tin. No matter how hard you ride it you always feel in control. Well done Bataleon.

Chris Moye

Just picked up a 59 Riot for myself and a 51 Distortia for my girl. Last season I rode a 57 Jam and loved it. Totally stoked for the season. @ Joker$ If you had ridden one you would realize its not hype...Better than banana, better than Scoop, better than rocker-camber. I have ridden them all and TbT is better than all of them. Don't believe me, don't take my word for it, just give it a fair shake come snow season. Cheers

Michael GR KLMT

Ready for flawless JAM Sessions with my 157 JAM...TBT ROCKS!!! \m/ \m/

Manuel Mendes

Been riding my Bataleon The Jam 08/09, and it is without question the best board i've ridden so far, cheers guys ;]




picked up The Jam and headed to the French Alps for some springtime fun. It held on to the 9am ice, powered through the slush, and popped like a crazy thing... It's on another level, and it hasn't even seen powder! Flat boards are dead.

Rob (Switzerland)

Hmmm! How can I say this - It's like running as fast as you can in pair of shoes for years, knowing things could be better and then given a new invention called a pair of trainers! I was amazed it's that fundamental. Within the first 100m I was aware I was experiencing a new era in the evolution of Snowboarding. I bought "The Jam" (Wide version) today.